Outdoor Furniture and Picnic Tables in Gympie

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Cubby House

Here we have a Cubby House, swing set, fort, slide combo that will be made to help complete your Outdoor Furniture set once the order is put in. There are a few different configurations that can be done. But this price is just for the one in the first the photo. All the other configurations are about the same price depending on what accessories you would like. This one has a fort floor size of 1.2 x 2.4. and the roof is around 2.7 high.

This Cubby House here in Gympie  is made out of H3 CCA treated pine it will last a long time and is awesome for building outdoor furniture. But can use other types of wood.

Delivery within Gympie and to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane is extra, there are a few different options to attach it to the ground and feel free to ask about how it could be made different to suit your needs.

There are 4 different colors for most of the plastic attachments, Handles, steering wheel, slide, shade cloth, and swings (the photo of the slides gives you a good idea of the different colors).

There is also quite a range of different attachments you can get us to source and install on it. Some being –

For the platform,





—Ship Helm instead of the steering wheel

For the swings


—Toddler Swing,

—Baby swing

—Happy to quote for other types of outdoor furniture as needed.

And many more…let me know if there is something specific you have in mind.

There is also the option of staining it. It’s an extra $85 for the stain on this listing and the colors are. Jarra, Merbau, Cedar and Redwood.

An Idea of delivery costs would be….

Within Gympie $50

Within 50Km of Gympie $100

Within about 100Km of Gympie $150

Outside of this, you’ll need to check availability.

To pick up you’d only need a 7×4 box trailer as it is able to be fully flat packed but it does mean you’ll need to assemble it again at your end.

A week for manufacture would be best although there may be the possibility of doing them sooner.

Any questions feel free to ask and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

COD is preferred, Bank transfer is available as well and of course, PayPal is there too.

Thanks for looking and have a great day.